Lab installers often call Scientific Plastics inquiring about venting.  We recommend using only our polyolefin vents, both for meeting LEED and SEFA recommendations.  Remember: PVC is never recommended! The SEFA standard states: When a plastic product for venting of hazardous storage cabinets is specified, it is recommended that polyolefin pipe be used.(ASTM 1412 non-corrosive) PVC piping […]

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Your laboratory carboy can be a great tool for dispensing larger quantities of d-min water and chemicals.   But let’s face it, they can be a problem when they leak; the contents run down the cabinet; onto the floor; and now you have a slip and fall hazard!  Scientific Plastics has developed a solution for carboys […]

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If you have a neutralization tank containing limestone in your lab, smells can occur if biologic media has been introduced to the tank. This could be as simple as someone pouring coffee or left over soup down the drain. If the smell persists, you can put some bleach down the drain. But more likely you […]

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