Hamilton Scientific ceases operations–Scientific Plastics can help

Since Hamilton Scientific ceased operations, many people have called Scientific Plastics asking about components. We are very sorry to hear about Hamilton.   As an industry-wide provider of laboratory casework components, we can provide components necessary to complete a world class installation.

Lab designers and installers can be sure you are complying with LEED and SEFA standards as Scientific Plastics manufactures using only polyolefins–we use NO PVC!!!!  If you are specifying a new lab; or, per recent events, your lab install has stalled, feel free to contact us at:

913.432.0322 ; www.scientificplastics.com ; or you can follow us on twitter: @spilltray

Click on the picture for an overview of our products:

Scientific Plastics laboratory casework components.

Scientific Plastics laboratory casework components.

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