Rotationally Molded Spill Trays

If you’ve ever spoken to Scientific Plastics about adding spill trays to your chemical storeroom, we have probably touted the benefits of rotational molding.  Rotational molding is producing a hollow part by placing resin in a mold; heating; and rotating the mold bi-axially.  After the part is cooled, it is removed from the mold for use. Most plastic play sets for children are made this way because they are very durable.

When the material flows inside the mold, it fills all the sides of the mold and takes its shape.  And if you have a 90 degree corner on the outside, what makes our product perfect for spill containment is that the opposite corner is coved.  Chemical residue cannot hide in a sharp corner or one that has been welded.  It also means that the corner is now the strongest point of the tray rather than the weakest, like in thermoforming, which stretches the plastic around a mold.

Bottom line, you won’t find a better spill tray on the market!     Give us a call at Scientific Plastics, 1016 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66103.  913.432.0322

Inside corners of the tray are coved for complete cleaning.

Inside corners of the tray are coved for complete cleaning.

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