How are acids neutralized?

In a standard system, acidic waste is drained into a tank filled with high purity limestone chips. After a designated dwell time in the tank (approximately 3 hours) the chemical is neutralized and subsequently discharged by gravity flow into the sewer system.

Generally effluent with a pH range of 5.5 – 8.5 can be disposed of without treatment, but local requirements may vary and must be adhered to. However, even mild caustics and acids within this range can cause severe damage to a piping system depending on the piping material. Scientific recommends that the compatibility of individual piping materials are checked for suitability against the predicted pH of  chemicals being discharged to ensure compatibility.  Even common products can cause severe damage such as: fruit juices, vinegar, beer, and wine if large amounts collect over time with no treatment or dilution.

Once you’ve determined the proper size tank for your effluent, contact Scientific Plastics for neutralization tanks for under counter use or large centralized systems.

Neutralization through limestone chips in tank.

Neutralization through limestone chips in tank.



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